Communicating Your Research with Social Media A Practical Guide to Using Blogs, Podcasts, Data Visualisations and Video

Hello. I’m Amy. 


Do you need a part time / freelance social media strategist or trainer? Get in touch! I’m looking to help organisations old or new, where I can help you reach new levels of social media success.

I’m currently Social Media Manager at the London School of Economics, where the strategies and campaigns I’ve led have seen LSE climb rapidly to reach 3rd most followed university Instagram and Facebook presence in the UK, after Oxford and Cambridge.

From January 2018 I’ll be based at the Parliamentary Digital Service as Senior Social Media Strategist, on a part time basis, where I’m working on social media strategy and digital content planning.

My expertise are centred around social media management and content in the education and politics spheres, and I have experience in research and science communication, community management, political engagement, and student/millennial-cohort communication. I’m a friendly, supportive, professional and ambitious team member.

In 2017 I co-authored and published Communicating Your Research with Social Media: A Practical Guide to Using Blogs, Podcasts, Data Visualisations and Video, which has sold over 600 copies in 30 countries. It’s perfect for students, academics, and digital marketing professionals who want to learn more about using social media to share research in meaningful ways with interested audiences. You can read the first chapter for free here and read taster blog posts here.


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